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Learn How To Skateboard - Make a Life-Changing Decision!
Go Skate is Canada's oldest skate school. We have over 15 years of instructional experience. We have taught professionals and X-Games atheletes, like Shawn White. Our reputation is nationwide. GoSkate provide individualized one-on-one lessons serving all cities in the Toronto metro area. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities.

We offer individualized and customized skate lessons to meet individual needs. This is the safest and only way to learn skateboarding. We promise beginners will be up and riding during the first lesson. Learn proper balance, how to push, stop, turn, and how to ollie!

Get Taught By a 15 Year Skateboard Pioneer Who Has Taught over 2,000 Kids How To Skate!

# Name: Rob Dunfey

  • # Gender: Male
  • # Height: 5'10"
  • # Weight: 170 lbs
  • # Hometown: Toronto
  • # Birthday: December 9th
  • # Occupation: Pro Skateboarder, Instructor
  • # Began Skating: 1986
  • # Started Competing: 1989 as an amateur vert and mini ramp skater. 1993 as a street skater, and 2002 as a street pro # Turned Pro: 2002

    "Rob Dunfey is a pro skateboarder, instructor, and entrepreneur who has been skateboarding for over 23 years. After climbing through the ranks of the skateboard industry and representing various major sponsors, winning contests, and turning pro".

    Rob still continues to skate 6 days a week and is on a mission to do as many original tricks and combos as he can for 2011."

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    Hours of Operation:
    9 AM-5PM Monday-Saturday.
    Payment Methods:
    VISA, Mastercard, or American Express

    CALL (800)-403-2405

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